1) Best is the superlative of good.

If you want further information the best thing to do is have a word with the driver as you get on the bus...

It's not the best place to live if you wish to develop your knowledge and love of mountains.

2) Best is the superlative of well.

James Fox is best known as the author of White Mischief, and he is currently working on a new book.

3) N-SING: the N The best is used to refer to things of the highest quality or standard.

We offer only the best to our clients...

He'll have the best of care.

4) N-SING: oft poss N Someone's best is the greatest effort or highest achievement or standard that they are capable of.

Miss Blockey was at her best when she played the piano...

One needs to be a first-class driver to get the best out of that sort of machinery.

5) N-SING: the N If you say that something is the best that can be done or hoped for, you think it is the most pleasant, successful, or useful thing that can be done or hoped for.

A draw seems the best they can hope for...

The best we can do is try to stay cool and muddle through.

6) ADV-SUPERL: ADV after v, oft the ADV If you like something best or like it the best, you prefer it.

The thing I liked best about the show was the music...

Mother liked it best when Daniel got money...

What was the role you loved the best?

7) Best is used to form the superlative of compound adjectives beginning with `good' and `well'. For example, the superlative of `well-known' is `best-known'.
8) See also , Sunday best
9) CONVENTION (formulae) You can say `All the best' when you are saying goodbye to someone, or at the end of a letter.

Wish him all the best, and tell him we miss him.

10) PHRASE: PHR with cl/group You use best of all to indicate that what you are about to mention is the thing that you prefer or that has most advantages out of all the things you have mentioned.

It was comfortable and cheap: best of all, most of the rent was being paid by two American friends.

11) PHRASE: V inflects, PHR after v If someone does something as best they can, they do it as well as they can, although it is very difficult.

The older people were left to carry on as best they could.

12) PHRASE: PHR with cl/group You use at best to indicate that even if you describe something as favourably as possible or if it performs as well as it possibly can, it is still not very good.

This policy, they say, is at best confused and at worst non-existent...

At best they were effective as antidepressants for no more than four months.

at worst
13) PHRASE: V inflects, oft PHR to-inf If you do your best or try your best to do something, you try as hard as you can to do it, or do it as well as you can.

I'll do my best to find out...

It wasn't her fault, she was trying her best to help...

It's a Championship fight - do your best.

14) PHRASE: PHR after v, v-link PHR If you say that something is for the best, you mean it is the most desirable or helpful thing that could have happened or could be done, considering all the circumstances.

In the long run, it was for the best...

Whatever the circumstances, parents are supposed to know what to do for the best.

15) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If two people are the best of friends, they are close friends, especially when they have had a disagreement or fight in the past.

Magda is now married to George Callerby and we are the best of friends.

16) PHR-MODAL If you say that someone had best do something or that they'd best do it, you mean they ought to do it. Some people consider this to be non-standard.

You'd best take a look.

had better
17) PHRASE: V inflects If you say that a particular person knows best, you mean that they have a lot of experience and should therefore be trusted to make decisions for other people.

He was convinced that doctors and dentists knew best.

18) PHRASE: V inflects If you look your best, you are looking as smart and attractive as you can.

I made sure I was very clean and looking my best.

19) PHRASE: V inflects If you make the best of something, you accept an unsatisfactory situation cheerfully and try to manage as well as you can. In British English, you can also say that you make the best of a bad job.

She instilled in the children the virtues of good hard work, and making the best of what you have.

20) to the best of your abilitysee ability
the best of the bunchsee bunch
to hope for the bestsee hope
to the best of your knowledgesee knowledge
best of lucksee luck
the best partsee part
at the best of timessee time
the best of both worldssee world

English dictionary. 2008.

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